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For the foreseeable future, the church building will be closed outside school hours (apart from service times). We hope that the issues behind this will be resolved as soon as possible, but unfortunately they are presently beyond our control. Our apologies for any inconvenience. Many thanks for your patience.


The heart of God at the heart of the community

Join us at 11 o'clock

every Sunday

Our main service at St Bart's is at 11 am.

All welcome.


On the 4th Sunday of each month, we have a short,

child-friendly All Age Service at 11 am.

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Welcome to
St Bartholomew's
Crewkerne and the
Wulfric Benefice*

2,000 years ago a child was born to the fiancée of an obscure carpenter in Israel and grew up to die on an instrument of Roman torture – and all the world was changed forever. As they say, “you couldn’t make it up”.

Without money or weapons or political power, Jesus transformed human experience as tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of people became convinced that he is God. 

We work together as six churches gathered around Crewkerne – some of them, including St Bartholomew's, going back 1,000 years or more.  All of them were built to worship Jesus of Nazareth and bear witness to him.

We all know that we Christians have often done that very badly. We all know that most people don’t care much about Jesus Christ. We know that we haven’t got it sorted – we are still on a journey. 
But, through Jesus, we have begun to taste peace in a troubled world, joy in an unhappy world, love in a divided world, hope in the face of future certain death, and the forgiveness which, frankly, we need.

Many people think that is all a dream, but we have found it to be truth in a very uncertain world – with real evidence that it isn’t made up.

Come and join us just to think it through or to travel the road. Church is at 11 am on Sunday mornings at St Bart’s – and there are details of our benefice churches in the menu. In all our churches, we would love to see you.

CJ Davis – Rector, The Wulfric Benefice

* Our Benefice is made up of St Leonard's Misterton, The Good Shepherd Hewish, St Michael and All Angels Wayford and St Bartholomew's, Crewkerne.

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