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The Friends of Crewkerne Parish Church

Our outstanding church building needs constant attention and maintenance to keep it in a condition in which it can be used and appreciated by the community and preserved for future generations.  This means that at least £100,000 is required annually!  There is no pot of gold that can be dipped into and this has meant a responsibility which has fallen on a relatively small number of church goers.

In 1994 the Friends of Crewkerne Parish Church was founded, a secular group, independent of the Parochial Church Council though working closely with them, run by its own committee and with an Annual General Meeting where progress is openly discussed.  Since then, it has raised considerable sums of money to fund roofing and stone repairs and in 2018 donated £50,000 to the repair of the west window.  There is an ongoing need, so more Friends are always sought from surrounding communities and from further afield. 

Under the aegis of Friends of St Barts, the Friends organise a wide-ranging programme of events each year, designed to attract as many different people as possible, and to generate profits that can be dedicated to maintaining the church building.  As well as full scale events on Fridays and Saturdays, a Sunday afternoon series of concerts has proved popular.  Concerts promote classical music, folk music, jazz, poetry, choral singing, Gilbert & Sullivan and biographies of famous artists and instruments, as well as Come & Sing days for newcomers and experienced singers.  There is something for everyone!

Why not join us in one way or another?  Membership of the Friends costs £15 a year but any other amount is welcome.  Details are given on the website or you can send a cheque payable to the Friends of Crewkerne Parish Church to the treasurer of the Friends c/o the Parish Office. 

Ian Tribe, Chairman

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